It’s traditional at this time of year for me to state that I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. In fact, here’s me on this very blog in 2013 in Then off goes the bell ringing through my head, signifies that all’s been said…: “I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.”

And then I’ll set some. And then not keep them. And then try again around the time of my birthday because I think it’s better to start off with resolutions on a personal date rather than at the same time as everyone else. Here’s me again, from Then off goes the bell ringing through my head, signifies that all’s been said…:

So instead of going for New Year’s resolutions, I tend to have my birthday resolutions instead, following my own personal new year, rather than the calendar new year. The period between 1 January and my birthday serves as a useful trial or run-in period before the serious business starts on 25 February.

Apart from the idea of the ‘trial period’, not starting resolutions at the same time as everyone else makes sense: someone making a resolution to go to the gym more is less likely to keep that resolution when they get to the gym and find it’s absolutely packed and they can’t get onto any machines. But I would say that, being an introvert. I imagine, for an extravert, it can be motivating to have loads of other people around you with the same aims and goals, even if they are delaying your own achievement of them. And something like giving up smoking could be easier for some people if you’re part of a group motivating each other.

Whatever your resolution, best of luck with it.

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