This time last week I’d just finished the 46-mile version of RideLondon. While it was eminently do-able – when I finished, I immediately thought about entering the ballot for the full 100-mile route; by contrast, after I ran the Reading half-marathon, I told P to punch me in the face repeatedly if I ever said I wanted to do another half-marathon – when I think about it, it’s been a bit of a journey.

The past twelve months have seen me go from extremely infrequent and casual cyclist to indoor cycling enthusiast to easily completing 46 miles without stopping, via two operations serious enough to require general anaesthetic. It would not have been at all possible without our amazing NHS.

If I can do it, I reckon anyone can and I’d highly recommend giving the 46-mile route a go. Riding around London without cars trying to kill you and with people cheering you on is magical, and I’ll never forget the feeling of riding under Admiralty Arch, onto the Mall, towards the finish line with the Queen Victoria memorial gleaming in the sunshine with Buckingham Palace in the background.

I felt this before when I watched P ride around central London for the Breast Cancer Care ride, London without cars is amazing. It’s a wonderful different world and I will support any initiative towards making London a car-free city.

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